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    The most health-hazardous pollutant in our air (responsible for more premature deaths than any other pollutant) is PM2.5 pollution - fine particles less than 2.5 millionth of a meter that penetrate the deepest recesses of our lungs where they can enter the bloodstream and transport toxins to every organ of the body including the brain.
    Despite being used by less than 5% of households in Sydney as the main form of heating, the Clean Air for NSW Consultation paper shows that residential wood heating emits more PM2.5 in Sydney than any other human activity.
    There is no point in continuing with ineffective policies that have resulted in wood stoves emitting more PM2.5 than any other than any other human activity.  Instead, the NSW EPA should implement the NSW Chief Medical Officer's recommendation not to allow new wood heaters in urban areas, require existing wood heaters to be removed when houses are sold ensure that remaining wood heaters are phased out within 7 years.  The policy should include effective education programs to alert families to the health damage from woodsmoke pollution and the low cost of switching to non-polluting alternatives, protect residents who affected by other people's woodsmoke and provide financial assistance so that low-income families to switch to non-polluting heating. Download the discussion document & fill in the NSW EPA online form (at bottom of page). 
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